We recently announced a major change to our course delivery model and today I’d like to announce a change to our curriculum, formerly known as the “Foundations Program”. Our courses will now be offered through Rayyan UNLIMITED. As the name indicates, we plan to give you unlimited access to all our courses, throughout the year without any term limits. You can retain access as long as you remain a Rayyan subscriber.

Our new curriculum has been modified in two key areas: (1) Qur’anic Sciences and (2) Hadith Sciences.

Previously, we felt that we lacked depth in these two areas. Since we intend to become a top source for Qur’an and Hadith commentary on the internet from authentic, traditional sources, we’ll be covering much more from the Qur’an and Hadith in our new curriculum, allowing learners to build greater affinity with the source texts of Islam.

View the new curriculum to discover the new courses yourself.

As far as the total number of courses are concerned, they remain the same, i.e. 19 courses. All of the courses which were part of the old curriculum are still part of this new one, so students will not lose any of their previous credits.

And finally, I’d like to share a few important points regarding the upcoming Rayyan UNLIMITED offering:

  • All our courses will be available — at the same time — under a monthly subscription (which will be free initially). Students will no longer be registering for courses separately. A single registration will give them access to our courses.
  • Beginning in October, a small monthly fee (not more than $10) will be charged for access to our courses. The rationale behind the introduction of fees is to ensure the seriousness of the enrolled students in pursuing their educational goals with us. Financial aid may be available and we’re still working out the details of that.
  • Not all of the 19 courses have been recorded yet. As content becomes available, it will be added over the next few months.
  • (Important) There will be a growing library of content which will go beyond the 19 courses eventually. We plan to continue to grow the Rayyan UNLIMITED offering, although the 19 courses which result in a certificate will remain as the core curriculum of the program.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.