The Muslim Parenting Struggle by Mufti Abdullah Nana

Muslim parents who are struggling to raise morally upright children in our times often find themselves trying hard to balance the Deen and Dunya of their children to the best of their abilities. They often worry about the best way to strengthen the Islamic values of their child. An aspect often overlooked in this struggle is the missing ingredient of building a strong bond with our children that will last a lifetime. How is that bond built? What practical steps do we need to take to make that happen? How does bonding affect the character of our children? What can we learn from the life of our Prophet (ﷺ) and his Noble Companions?

Find out by attending this webinar by Mufti Abdullah Nana, a respected scholar who knows the struggles of a Muslim parent. With a busy schedule, responsibilities towards the community and serval children of his own, Mufti Abdullah will share his deep insight into the issues surrounding Muslim parenting, and hopefully, inspire you to raise children who are successful not just in Dunya but also in the Deen.


Abdullah Nana was born and raised in Mill Valley, California. He graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a degree in Business and Economics. After accomplishing his academic goals, Abdullah Nana went on to pursue the higher Islamic Sciences in South Africa and attained a Masters-equivalent degree in Islamic Theology. Thereafter, he was specially selected to enter a legal verdict and jurisprudential course where he graduated with Honors here as well. Abdullah Nana is a widely-accepted research scholar in the fields of Halal and Islamic Finance. He has written and translated several publications and research papers on these subjects as well. Particular to the subject of Halal, Abdullah Nana has traveled throughout North America, England, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa to understand the standards and practices used in the Halal Industry.

Currently, Abdullah Nana is the founding member of the Halal Advocates of America- a national advocacy which seeks to establish closer ties with the Halal supply chain in America and create universal Halal integrity. The breakthrough advocacy is also involved in various education and awareness activities for Halal consumer, both Muslim and Non-Muslim, and seeks to be at the forefront of Halal audit and consultancy in America. Mufti Abdullah also spends time in his local community teaching students of knowledge and is the Director of Islamic Affairs at the Islamic Center of Mill Valley. He has lectured at various universities throughout California, including UC Berkeley, San Diego State, and Stanford University.