Social Media Dilemma Event Info

The modern era has seen an unprecedented increase in the speed and scope of human interaction. Communication that took days if not months takes place now within minutes or seconds. Knowledge thought otherwise inaccessible is now within hands’ reach of even some of the previously isolated segments of the human population.

The growth of the internet has brought with it a great number of advantages but also new challenges and questions. Social media, a relatively recent phenomenon, is a particularly interesting online platform that expands the function of technology beyond mere reference or communication to one of regular social interaction.

This webinar by Shaykh Bilal Ansari (Instructor, Darul Hikmah, Chicago) explores some fundamental questions today’s Muslims should be asking about social media, including what foundational Islamic principles – be they spiritual, theological, ethical, or legal – can help guide us to the internet’s proper usage and help us understand its objectives, limitations, and guidelines.


Shaykh Bilal Ali Ansari is the President and a founder of Darul Hikmah. His fields of interest include Islamic law, Hadith, and Education and holds degrees in Arabic and Islamic Studies as well as in the Applied Behavioral Sciences. He is the primary instructor for the full-time Seminary program and also teaches in the weekend Academy.