So, what makes us a healthy Muslim …? While many of us are aware of the latest workout fads, gym membership deals, latest diet trends and all sorts of weight loss gimmicks, we lack similar awareness on what our beautiful religion, Islam, teaches us regarding physical health. In this webinar, the speaker, Mufti Abdullah Nana, will discuss important Islamic guidelines to assist us in recognizing that our body has been given to us as a trust from Allah Most High and that we need to take good care of it.

This webinar will cover the sacred texts related to physical health and also introduce us to physical activities that are encouraged in Islam. Islamic sports such as swimming, archery, horseback riding, foot racing and others will be discussed. Other interesting topics that will be addressed include answering questions such as: Did our Prophet (ﷺ) ever engage in swimming? What can we do to fight off laziness? What is the Islamic perspective on contemporary sports such as football and basketball? What is the role of dieting in a life of a Muslim? What guidelines exist in our Dīn about eating with moderation?


Shaykh Mufti Abdullah Nana was born and raised in Mill Valley, California. He graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a degree in Business and Economics. After accomplishing his academic goals, Abdullah Nana went on to pursue the higher Islamic Sciences in South Africa and attained a Masters-equivalent degree in Islamic Theology. Thereafter, he was specially selected to enter a legal verdicts and jurisprudential course where he graduated with Honors here as well. Mufti Abdullah Nana is a widely-accepted research scholar in the fields of Halal and Islamic Finance. He has written and translated several publications and research papers on these subjects as well. Particular to the subject of Halal, Mufti Abdullah Nana has traveled throughout North America, England, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa to understand the standards and practices used in the Halal Industry.

Currently, Mufti Abdullah Nana is the founding member of the Halal Advocates of America- a national advocacy which seeks to establish closer ties with the Halal supply chain in America and create universal Halal integrity. The breakthrough advocacy is also involved in various education and awareness activities for Halal consumer, both Muslim and Non-Muslim, and seeks to be at the forefront of Halal audit and consultancy in America. Mufti Abdullah also spends time in his local community teaching students of knowledge and is the Director of Islamic Affairs at the Islamic Center of Mill Valley. He has lectured at various universities throughout California, including UC Berkeley, San Diego State, and Stanford University.