Comforting Uncomfortable Norms

From amongst the worst of impious innovations of our age, is the faulty social construct of race. While Islam upholds the concept of honoring one’s lineage, the very concept of race is alien to it from its very inception.

Join Rayyān Institute as it explores issues regarding the reprehensible creep of race into the minds, hearts, and institutions of the Muslims, and what steps we as individuals can take in order to counteract its ill effects.


Shaykh Hamzah Maqbul was born in Whittier, California. He attended the University of Washington and in 2004 completed a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelors of Arts in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. After graduation Shaykh Hamzah went on to pursue traditional Islamic studies, which took him to a number of countries, including Syria and Egypt where he studied the Arabic language, Morocco, Mauritania, and UAE, where he studied the madhab of Imam Malik, grammar, usul al-hadith, and the two renditions of the qira’ah of Imam Nafi’, Warsh and Qalun, and finally Pakistan where he had the opportunity to study tafsir, usul al-hadith, hadith, ‘ilm al-rijal and Hanafi fiqh.

After his return to the United States, Shaykh Hamzah spent five years as the resident scholar of the Thawr Institute, a non-profit religious and educational organization based in Seattle, Washington. From 2012 through 2014 he was an instructor at Darul Qasim, an institute for higher Islamic studies in Glen Ellyn, IL. At Darul Qasim, he taught Naḥū (Arabic Syntax), Ṣarf (Arabic Morphology), Mālikī fiqh, ʿAqīdah (Creed), Ḥadīth Studies, Qur’ānic Studies, and Sīrah (Prophetic Biography).

Since the beginning of 2015 he has taken the position of Imām with the Muslim Association of Greater Rockford’s mosque in Rockford, Illinois. Throughout his time in America, he has been teaching, giving khuṭbas in masjids, and traveling through America promoting seeking sacred knowledge and the practice of the prophetic sunnah.