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26 04, 2018

Is the Virtue of 15th of Sha’ban Proven?


­­Originally published here. ­­By Shaykh ‘Abd al-Hafiz al-Makki ­­Translated by Ismaeel Nakhuda, Hamood Aleem and Adam Ahmed (Translators’ foreword: Below is a translation of a very well researched and informative treatise prepared by the late Shaykh ‘Abd al-Hafiz Makki (may Allah sanctify his secret) on the virtues of the 15th night of Sha‘ban. With the [...]

Is the Virtue of 15th of Sha’ban Proven?2018-04-26T18:14:02-04:00
20 03, 2017

The Five-Step Journey Towards Divine Acceptance


Merely possessing the knowledge of something is of little value if one does not apply it. This is an accepted principle. It is even worse if one becomes arrogant on account of this knowledge. The purpose of attending classes on the Seerah of Allah's Messenger (ﷺ), for example, should be to adopt the inward and outward Sunnahs and [...]

The Five-Step Journey Towards Divine Acceptance2017-03-20T21:29:57-04:00
1 09, 2015

Color-coded Printable Hajj & Umrah Guides


Planning to go to Hajj this year? Check out these handy color-coded Hajj and Umrah guides which you can print out and take with you. These are uniquely useful guides as they simplify the journey by providing a step-by-step outline allowing the pilgrim to use them as a quick reference in the midst of performing [...]

Color-coded Printable Hajj & Umrah Guides2016-12-12T14:01:36-05:00
1 07, 2015

Advice on Handling the Mid-Ramadan Crisis


I came across a beautiful piece of advice by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani on the dilemma that some face in the middle of Ramadan due to not having put in much effort in their worship and actions in the beginning of this month. The lack of effort in the previous days develops into despair about the coming days. I hope [...]

Advice on Handling the Mid-Ramadan Crisis2016-12-12T14:01:37-05:00
30 04, 2015

Updates to Our Curriculum


We recently announced a major change to our course delivery model and today I'd like to announce a change to our curriculum, formerly known as the "Foundations Program". Our courses will now be offered through Rayyan UNLIMITED. As the name indicates, we plan to give you unlimited access to all our courses, throughout the year [...]

Updates to Our Curriculum2016-12-12T14:01:37-05:00
10 03, 2015

Changes to Our Online Courses


  Dear Students and Well-Wishers, Beginning in May, we will be switching to an "Open Enrollment" format. What that means is that our courses will be available throughout the year now. A potential student will be able to subscribe at anytime and gain access to all of our online courses. Previously, we offered our online courses on [...]

Changes to Our Online Courses2017-09-21T15:33:18-04:00