Dear Students and Well-Wishers,

Beginning in May, we will be switching to an “Open Enrollment” format. What that means is that our courses will be available throughout the year now. A potential student will be able to subscribe at anytime and gain access to all of our online courses. Previously, we offered our online courses on a term basis, which meant that students enrolled separately in courses, term by term, and that too for a limited time.

We sent out a survey recently putting the open enrollment idea to you and we’re extremely grateful for the overwhelming number of responses we received. Many of you offered many ideas and frankly shared your thoughts on this new format. It was refreshing to hear your voices because it showed how much you care for the well-being and growth of Rayyan Institute.

After listening to you and after much deliberation internally, we made the decision that it is indeed in the best interests of Rayyan Institute to switch to the new format. 74% of the respondents voted in favor of this idea.

Survey Results


Even though the majority of you spoke in favor of the new format, there were several of you who disagreed and spoke against it. We understand your concerns. We assure you that we will work very hard to address them. One of our goals from the beginning has been to devise ways to keep our students motivated in their courses so that they complete them. We feel that in this format we can still keep the student body motivated enough to stay on track while allowing for open enrollment throughout the year.

The new format will allow us to significantly grow our offering and add much more content. This is one of the exciting new aspects of this change and in the coming days and weeks, our Foundations Program curriculum will be updated to reflect this. You will witness a better focus on quality and content in the future due to this new direction we have adopted.

We request you to keep Rayyan Institute in your prayers.

Sincerely yours,