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Rayyan Institute presents an Ālimiyyah program in English and Arabic taught by scholars. Based on the Dars-e-Nizāmī methodology, our program with its part-time schedule is built for students who wish to pursue a rigorous Arabic and Islamic studies program while pursuing their secular studies.

  • Conveniently located in the Greater Toronto Area

  • Part-time schedule – Weekday evenings and Saturdays

  • Taught by traditionally trained, highly qualified and experienced scholars

Apply for the Alimiyyah Program beginning in Fall of 2019

Our Commitment

What Our Students Say

Alhamdulillah studying Arabic and other Islamic subjects formally for the first time, I can say my experience has been wonderful. If you’re looking for qualified and dedicated teachers who can help motivate you to excel, this is the program. The program is very well structured where you can see results and the teachers help break down material to a simple level where it’s easy to understand.
Auneeb Khan, Student, Year 1

This program is a call back to traditional learning. This involves sitting with a qualified teacher and learning the rudimentary basics of the Arabic language.  While many online programs are available, none of them will give you the quality and satisfaction that comes with sitting with your teacher and learning in a manner in which the religion has been preserved for 1400 years.

Muadh, Student, Year 1

Arabic Focus Areas


Year 1

  • Arabic Comprehension (ARB 101)
  • Arabic Morphology I (ARB 102)
  • Arabic Grammar I (ARB 103)
  • Arabic Literature I (ARB 104)
  • Islamic Creed (AQD 101)
  •  Introductory Fiqh (FIQ 101)

Year 2

  • Arabic Morphology II (ARB 202)
  • Arabic Grammar II (ARB 203)
  • Arabic Literature II (ARB 204)
  • Introductory Hadith I (HAD 201)
  • Introductory Hadith II (HAD 202)
  • Qur’an Translation I (QUR 201)
  • Fiqh of Worship (FIQ 201)

Year 3 to Year 7 (Dawra Hadith)

Available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the language of instruction?2019-05-19T16:30:56-05:00


What is your academic calendar?2019-07-13T19:11:51-05:00

September to August

What are the requirements for admission into Year 2 of the program?2019-05-19T16:29:14-05:00

Students who have completed Year 1 of a similar Alim program elsewhere are welcome to apply. Admissions will be granted to those who successfully pass an entrance exam (focused on Nahw and Sarf).

What are the class timings?2019-05-19T16:26:54-05:00

Weekday classes are in the evenings between 7pm and 9pm, twice a week. Saturday classes are from 7:30am to 1:30pm.

What is different about your Alim program?2019-05-19T16:22:24-05:00

We focus on the student’s academic and spiritual development and work with parents, where required, to ensure the student is getting the most out of this program. For us, every student we accept into the program is an asset for the future of our community hence we ensure that the progress of the student is tracked towards achieving the goals of the Alim program.

I am taking college courses. How will this work for me?2019-05-19T16:17:46-05:00

Most of our students are either in high school or taking university level courses, not to mention those who work. Therefore, our program is designed specifically to work around school, university and work schedules. Our classes occur during the evenings in the weekdays (twice a week) and on Saturday mornings.

I cannot commit for the entire program. What are my options?2019-05-19T16:19:03-05:00

We understand that not everyone can commit for 7 years for the full Alim program hence we encourage students to complete the first 2 years of the program to gain a good understanding of Arabic and the Deen in general. Students who only complete the first two years are awarded a Certificate in Islamic and Qur’anic Arabic Studies. The prerequisite for this certificate is our online Islamic Essentials Certificate.

How long is the Alim program?2019-05-19T16:12:47-05:00

The Alim program consists of 5 years of intensive part-time study (years 1 to 5) and 2 years of full-time study (years 6 and 7) culminating in an Alimiyyah certificate.

What texts are covered in the 1st year of the program?2019-05-19T16:06:35-05:00

The first year uses traditional Alim program texts such as Qasas al-Nabiyyin, Arabic Morphology (English), Tashīl al-Nahw (English), etc. with a special focus on exercises and memorization.

How does the admission process work?2019-05-19T16:09:24-05:00

Fill out the online form to get the process started. Applications must be submitted by the application deadline. Once an application is received, we will review it and then schedule an interview. After the interview, all accepted applicants will receive an official notice of acceptance and the date for orientation.

Why do you have an admissions criteria?2019-05-21T01:15:48-05:00

Our admissions criteria is simple. We want to ensure the students interested in enrolling have the required Arabic fundamentals (i.e. ability to read) and are serious about making this commitment. This ensures that we are investing our time and efforts to produce future well-rounded ‘ulamā’ that our community can benefit from.

How much does it cost? What are the fees?2019-09-08T18:14:02-05:00

The tuition fee for the program is as follows:

Annual – $1650 (1 month discount, if paid up front)

Monthly – $150 per month (12 months)

Resource fee:

$100 (one time)

Financial aid is available

Is this program offered online?2019-05-19T15:20:48-05:00

No. The Alim Program by Rayyan Institute is exclusively on the ground. We do offer online courses in other areas on a range of topics.

How much commitment is required in this program?2019-05-19T15:06:05-05:00

10 hours per week of class time + 10 hours per week of self-study time

Our Teachers

Mawlana Hamood Aleem
Mawlana Hamood AleemPrincipal and Teacher
Mawlana Abdul Wahid Mamun
Mawlana Abdul Wahid MamunTeacher



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