Rayyan Institute is an educational platform established to provide a relevant & inspirational Islamic learning experience to the global community.

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Rayyan Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum for the average Muslim to enhance and further his or her understanding of Islam. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn the basics or someone who wants to compliment their existing understanding of Islam under authentic scholarship, the Foundations program is for you. All our classes are taught online in this program. Learn more.


Islamic Belief I
Introduction to the Qur’an
Sirah (Makki)
Praiseworthy & Blameworthy Traits
Fiqh of Worship I

Rayyan Voices

A project of Rayyan Institute, Rayyan Voices is slated to be our upcoming blog which will help people find inspiration through Islam.

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The Most Merciful One (Al-Rahman) bestows his mercy upon the merciful ones. Be merciful to those on earth, and those in the heaven will be merciful upon you. (Tirmidhi)